Then she bawled her eyes out… But it was okay!

A few nights ago I found myself laying in my boyfriends bed bawling my eyes out…

Unfortunately, no matter how many times I wiped my tears away, they just kept rolling down my face. 

Daniel is such a kind hearted soul. Instead of asking me to stop crying or what the hell was going on. He just laid there with me. Squeezing me tightly, telling me how beautiful I was, and how much he loves me. He would run his fingers through my hair slowly and look me in the eyes, while I just sat there quietly wiping the tears off my face. It had been a while since I had a good crying session.

You see, I’m the type of person that lets all my emotions build up until I can’t take it anymore. I know, I know. It’s not good for me…

Although my transparency on this blog/Instagram is pretty raw-honest-lay it all out on the table; There are parts of my past that I chose not to share.

Unfortunately those parts of my past sometimes are what keeps me from moving forward. Life really is what you make of it. The Universe throws challenges your way; It’s how you respond to it, How you choose to move forward that makes you stand out from everyone else. We all have different ways of handling situations and if you think about it, its just part of being humans.

So what if I have been recently cursed with 7 years of bad luck? Job- Cars-Lost Phone-Money… (shouldn’t have shattered my mirror) Am I going to sit here and make you all feel bad for me? NOPE! I refuse to wallow in my own self pity. Instead, I’m making a list of things in life that I do have that bring me joy:

  1. I’m healthy. I have a roof over my head.
  2. I have the most beautiful and energetic children that keep me on my toes.
  3. I have the best family anyone could ask for! My mom/Sister are my best friends!
  4. I have the most loving, thoughtful boyfriend that makes me count my lucky stars daily.
  5. I’m almost done with College! I will soon be able to enter my dream Career.



On a beautiful Tuesday Daniel and I decided to go on a hike to Bells Canyon. The initial part of the hike was Hell! It was steep, and our heart rate was off the charts. After taking a few breaks I wanted to keep going up. He reassured me that we were so close and that it wouldn’t be uphill like the beginning of this hike was.

Daniel was my personal tour guide. He could do this hike with his eyes closed. He knew where each hill, flat areas, rocky areas, shaded areas, were. It was a great push and reassurance I needed to make it through this hike.



So there I was, admiring the beautiful view… Taking it all in. Listening quietly to the nature sounds. This hike was everything I needed after the cry session I had earlier in the week… My soul was shinning again. I was letting everything go. I kept thanking nature along the way for bringing me peace to my soul. As we reached the Waterfall, I took a deep breath and looked at Daniel with a huge smile on my face. Serendipity!

Oh! and If you are wondering how I lost my phone. Just close your eyes and picture the following sentence:

We both went on this magical adventure up a mountain. Upon reaching our destination (waterfall) my phone sacrificed itself to the Nature Gods. Leaving me phone less for a week.  

A FULL WEEK! But guess what? this girl survived. It wasn’t the end of the World. I made it work. I wasn’t attached to my phone for a week. It was amazing. Unplugging is one of the best advice I can give you.

What an adventure you guys!


One well-rested Nina






He is Brazilian too? Our Love Story

“This post is part 1 of Our Love Story “

I’m in LOVE! I’m in LOVE and I don’t care who knows it! (Name that movie) Okay so in case you can’t remember what movie this is from watch this quick clip: I’m in LOVE!

A few years back, him and I crossed paths… It was very casual.

If English is your second language, I can guarantee you have had this exchange with someone before:

  • Him: Fala portugues? 
  • Me: Sim? Eu sou do Brasil… E voce? 
  • Him: Eu sou do Rio De Janeiro, Da onde voce e?
  • Me: Oh Rio… Eu sou de Sao Paulo!
  • Him: Oh.. Prazer!
  • Me: Prazer Carioca! 

So you run into someone, and you can tell they aren’t from here. They are quite possibly from your home country. So you awkwardly say hi to each other. You tell each other where you are from, then you both get super excited about having a few things in common. You talk for a little bit, then you’re off to doing whatever it was that you were doing before (in our case:workout).

We then followed each other on our fitness Instagram accounts. But once again, I wasn’t having it! Maybe I wasn’t ready to date a Brazilian guy yet, I had heard so many different stories about Brazilian guys that lived in America. They had this alter ego. I wasn’t interested in finding that out… Although I could tell this Carioca was different than those other guys, I just honestly didn’t think of him that way just yet.

Thanks to Social Media, we were still able to keep tabs on each others lives. We would like each others picture casually here and there. Then one of us would post an amazing selfie and that person would casually comment on it. (is this a modern day love story or what?)

instagram exchange.PNG

The thing about Social Media is that you only usually see parts of someone’s life. Usually the good parts. That was not my case, I’ve always been pretty real-raw-pour-my-heart into-my-posts-type-of-girl. So this guy has seen it all! My daily struggles as a single mom, and one that was trying to balance work and school, and then many of my heartbreaks, and depression vent sessions all unfold on my Instagram account. (I was a hot mess express train)

The wall to my heart was taller then the wall of china. My heart was very dark too. It was going to take a lot of work for me to go back to my “happy and in-Love self”.

I’m not sure if you believe in the stars, or the Universe aligning. At this point it seemed like it was the only way us both were going to end up together…

2016 was a hard year for a lot of us. Lots of confusion, pain, and just hard times. To me, I was about to quit and trow in the towel. It wasn’t until I decided to go on the trip of a lifetime with my sister (Brazil & Peru) that my whole perspective changed. I finally found myself! I found my purpose in life. I was in LOVE!

Falling in love with yourself is a hard task to achieve. You have to truly believe in it. You have to make the necessary changes to achieve it, but I did it! Think of me as my own version of an independent girl (don’t need a man type of girl).

I remember having this conversation with a friend about dating. She looked at me and said: Girl! We have watched you get hurt, and just not work out with the guys you think you should date. Why aren’t you giving this Brazilian guy a chance?

Why didn’t I listen to my friends before? They had been watching my life from an outside perceptive. Dummy me!

Fast forward to the fall of 2016. I kept running into his pictures on Instagram.

This time, I didn’t just like his pictures. I did a little bit of digging… You know the basic stuff girls do: Single (check), Still a nice guy (check), still workouts out (check). This list could go on and on, but I already knew that it was finally time to make this happen.


On a cold November night, after exchanging compliments on each others pictures back and forth, he texted me! To be be honest with you, I had forgotten he had my number… It was a nice little surprise.

To be continued…

Nina & Bia – ViDi Ambassadors!


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We love this Lama Selfie we took in Peru!

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Nina & Bia